Our Language Services

Removing barriers in communication

Language services is our business. We provide a range of language services for a wide variety of languages.

An Eco-Green Idea

Translation Services

We translate documentation with various content, format and complexity into an extensive range of languages. Our team of translators includes experts in various areas…

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A Recycling Process

Interpreting Services

Our interpreters are not only proficient in the required languages but also well familiar with cultural implications of the interpreting process. We guarantee strict confidentiality at all interpreting sessions….

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A Splendid Ecosystem

Certified Translations

Our team of translators includes certified translators approved by various professional associations. Our certified translations are accepted by all official institutions…

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Examples of our work

Some examples of our daily work

We love helping our clients overcome language barriers and communicate better. Our work is very varied, working in different languages, with different people and clients, translating written text as well as interpreting oral communications. Below is a small selection of our day-to-day work.


Conference Interpreting
OSCE Parallel Civil Society Conference, 2012


Community Interpreting
Working with local NGOs, 2014


Teaching Community Interpreting
Community Interpreting Course at DCU



What our clients say about us

Central to your work is ensuring we provide a service that meets and exceeds the requirements and expectations of our clients. Check out our client testimonials!


e would like to compliment Instant Translation on excellent translating services. We value translators’ professional qualities and always find them responsible, trustworthy and punctual in their work. We rely heavily on the help of interpreters and translators who help us in our everyday work. Front Line has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Tara Madden
Tara Madden
Programme Manager, Frontline

racey Solicitors have been engaging the services of Instant Translation for the last six years. We have been using this translation agency for legal document translation, court interpreting, legal consultations and legal phone consultations. The service is excellent. We know that the translation will be perfect when using Instant Translation.

Piarais Neary
Piarais Neary
Solicitor, Paul W Tracey Solicitors

e have received an incredibly efficient service from Instant Translation, it took us just few days from the time of the first phone call to having all documents professionally translated and notarially certified. We are looking forward to our further cooperation with Instant Translation as there is always demand for English-Russian translations in our line of work and response is always reliable, fast and highly professional.

Ina Nikitina
Ina Nikitina
Eurolog Ireland

e engaged Instant Translation to translate a large document into Russian. We needed the translation to be carried out to a high standard as the document was to be used for presentation purposes. Notwithstanding the fact that the document made widespread use of legal/technical terminology, the translation was produced in good time, at a very competitive price and to a very high standard as verified by our clients.

Brian Hurley
Brian Hurley
Mason Hayes


Our clients have been more than happy with the quality of our work, our prices and timely delivery. Have a look at what they have to say about our services.

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