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See What makes us so special The team of translators of Instant Translation includes certified translators approved by various professional associations. Our certified translations are accepted by all official institutions. However you will need to have your translations additionally certified by a solicitor for the above institutions.
Document Translation Services

We translate from/into more than 50 languages a wide variety of documents for clients ranging from government offices to private individuals.

Consecutive interpreting

This service would be suitable for small to medium-sized events: one to one consultations, business meetings, appointments, presentations, etc.

Conference interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is generally provided at conferences, diplomatic functions or international meetings. Interpreters use sound equipment and work in pairs from special booths.

certified translations
Certified translations

Translations certified by Instant Translation are accepted by the majority of Irish authorities, including GNIB, Department of Justice, Registry Office, NARIC, etc. All documents received are treated with strict confidentiality.

contract translations
Contract translations

We provide accurate translations using translators and proofreaders with professional qualifications in legal translations and related fields. All document are handled with strict confidentiality.

business interpreting
Business interpreting

Examples of these interpreting settings range from informal meetings and recreation to patent negotiations or government-to-government meetings and delegations. Interpreting can be done both in consecutive and simultaneous mode.