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We translate documentation with various content, format and complexity into an extensive range of languages. Our team of translators includes experts in various areas, including law, medicine, software, marketing, finance, advertising, etc.



Professional Translation Services

We achieve high-quality of translations by following the steps below:

  1. Assessment of the costs and turnaround time
  2. Setting up a team of specialised translators
  3. Creating a Glossary
  4. Translation of the document with the use of Translation Memory
  5. Proofreading by a native speaker of the target language
  6. Quality control and a lifetime guarantee

Why buy translation services from us?
  • Quality and reliability: Translations are performed by highly qualified professionals with relevant expertise in the field and verified by qualified linguists. You can be sure that no one will read your texts more carefully than our translator.
  • Translation technologies: For large volumes we use professional software that allows us to work with documents of various formats. Although text might expand or constrict when translated into a foreign language, we preserve the initial format in the translation.
  • Saving money: By using Translation Memory we are able to give you big discounts on matches and repetitions in the text. We don’t charge for punctuation marks and spaces. The more translations you do with us, the bigger Translation Memory file for your company becomes. It allows savings up to 75% on the following translations.
  • Fast and efficient: With 4-5 pages a day being a standard for a professional translator, Translation Memory allows sometimes to reduce the turnaround time by 100 times for the same client.
  • Guarantee: We create a Glossary in our software for each big translation project. The use of a Glossary ensures consistency in translating terminology. We provide unlimited guarantee on our translations.
  • Confidentiality: Your information is safe with us. Confidential information is shared only between linguists who are bound by non-disclosure agreements. 

Types of Professional Translation Services

Translation of legal documents

Legal translation requires specialist knowledge to ensure that there is no ambiguity in the target language. Getting the translation of a legal document wrong can cause confusion and a huge cost. Our team of translators have expertise and knowledge that enables them to provide 100% accurate translations.

We perform translations of all types of legal documents:
translations of contracts and agreements (employment contracts, supply contracts, sales and purchase agreements, credit and bank contracts, service contracts, general terms and conditions, etc.);
translations of constituent documents, charters, memoranda, articles of association and other company formation documents, regulations, orders, company registration certificates, compliance documents, licenses, permits, administrative documentation, extracts from company registers;
translations of financial statements and tax reports (declarations, VAT returns, income and corporate tax returns, translation of profit and loss accounts, translation of balance sheets, translation of the statement of cash flows, audit reports and opinions and other documents);
translations of legislation and regulatory acts, health and safety statements;
translations of legal documents (affidavits, power of attorney, wills and testaments, customs clearance certificates);
translations of litigation documents (judgments and court decisions, expert opinions, requests, claims and complaints, appeals).

We provide accurate legal translations using legal translators and proofreaders with professional qualifications in legal translations and related fields. At least two professional linguists will work on your documents: a translator and a proofreader with native fluency in the target language.

Translation of medical documents

Our database of translators includes professional translators specialising in medical terminology who understand the importance of attention to detail and correct use of appropriate medical terminology. Any project, whether large or small, will be treated with the same meticulous care.

We offer the following medical translation services in the field of pharmacology and pharmaceuticals industry (pharmaceutical chemistry, drug formulation, pharmacognosy, etc.):
– translations of patient information leaflets, preparation formulas, indications and contraindications for use, administration methods and doses, side effects, drug interactions, etc.;
– translations of certificates of pharmaceutical products;
– translations of analytical procedure validation reports;
– translation of scientific papers, theses, conference materials, pharmaceutical training and reference materials.

We translate the following clinical trial documents:
– translations of clinical trial protocols,
– translations of clinical investigation brochures,
– translations of study management reports,
– translations informed consent forms,
– translation of patient information sheets,
– translation of case report forms, etc.

You can trust us with the translation of your medical records:
– translations of medical reports (medical certificate, physician’s letters, professional medical advice);
– translations of diagnostic results (blood tests, urine tests, swabs, coprogram, histology, microbiology, radiography, densitometry, ultrasound, echocardiography, CT, MRI and PET scans, tonography, etc.);
– translations of prescriptions;
– translations of medical discharge reports (hospital release reports);
– translations of patient cards, medical history and health insurance documents.

We also perform translations of educational materials for patients; translations of medical equipment operating manuals (operating instructions, user manuals); translation of scientific and popular literature on related subjects: anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and pathological anatomy, topographic anatomy, genetics, biochemistry, cytology, histology, molecular biology, biophysics, bioinformatics, bioengineering, therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, oncology, allergology, immunology, endocrinology, rheumatology, medical genetics, etc.

At least two professional linguists will work on your documents: a translator and a proofreader with native fluency in the target language. They will be selected in accordance with their experience in the relevant field. You can be assured that all the industry-specific terminology will be rendered accurately and appropriately in the target language.

Client’s confidentiality is paramount for Instant Translation. Confidential information will be shared only between parties who are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

Translation of technical documents

However technical or specialised your text, you can be confident that every detail and nuance will be preserved. Industries that we cover are electronics and automation, construction, motor vehicle industry, IT and software, railroad industry, engineering, machine tool industry, power engineering, etc.

We offer high quality translations of the following technical documentation: safety statements, translations of user manuals, repair guidelines, operating instructions, guides, work books, installation manuals, spot and technical catalogues, directories, data sheets, technical specifications, patents, software manuals, scientific materials, project feasibility studies and other technical documentation.

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Translation of financial documents

Our expert translators specialising in financial matters are familiar with accountancy terminology, financial market and investment jargon. Instant Translation provides translations of marketing materials, including translations of advertising brochures; press releases; translations of online advertisements; sales promotion materials, as well as translations of business plans; accounting records; translations of audit reports; translations of financial reports and financial planning documents; translations of conference and exhibition materials and datasheets.

Translation of websites

If you are committed to communicate with international clients, Instant Translation provides language services to ensure that the content of your website supports your global client needs. Our translators live and work in the country of their native language, know the local market and understand the cultural norms and sensitivities of your customers.


Translation of business correspondence

Instant Translation will be happy to assist you in communicating your message to your business partners and clients worldwide. Any project, whether large or small, will be treated with the same meticulous care. At least two professional linguists will work on your documents: a translator and a proofreader with native fluency in the target language. They will be selected in accordance with their experience in the relevant field. Our translators cover all languages to ensure we get your message across with accuracy and cultural sensitivity. Our business translation work covers a wide range of business and marketing needs including advertising copy, press releases, brochures and questionnaires.

Instant Translation also provides business interpreting services.

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