Below you find some information on how we price translation and interpreting work. In addition, if you still have questions and would like to discuss a translation or interpreting job with us, we always are delighted to hear from you. However, we know, sometimes you may just want a quick, easy and instant quote for a job. This is why we have created our instant quote generator, which gives you an instant initial quote for any translation or interpreting job by following the three simple steps below. Why not give it a try!

For large volumes we use professional software that allows us to avoid charging you for repetitions in the text and ensure consistency in translating terminology. If you have your document in an electronic format, please attach it to the form or send it to us directly on and we will contact you with an exact price.

SDL Trados


Step 1

Here you enter some basic details about yourself, including a contact email for the price estimate. In addition, this is where you specify which service you like us to quote you for: certified translation, translation, or interpreting.


Step 2

Depending on the service you chose to request a quote for, you will now provide us some additional information on the job, e.g. the languages involved, the scope of the work (words for translation, time for interpreting) etc.


Step 3

And finally, you give your order a name and provide us with some additional details and VOILA your estimate will be generated instantly and emailed to you!

How we price translation and interpreting work:

  • The price for translation services is based on a word count, terminology used in the text and document formatting required from a translator.
  • We have a fixed minimum fee for documents with less than 300 words.
  • Prices in the quote calculator are given exclusive of VAT. VAT will be charged at 23%.
  • Extras are charged for urgent translations required within a short period, work overnight, on weekends and holidays, and also for translation of poor quality print original (small print, poor or blurred print, hand-written texts, etc.).
  • Your order will pass through the hands of several individuals to ensure the accuracy of the translation. It will be translated and proofread and edited by a second translator. All our translations are proofread by a native speaker of the target language.
  • The price for interpreting services shall be either paid for every started hour of interpreting, if consecutive interpretation is provided, or per interpreting day, in case of simultaneous interpretation.

Things to consider when buying translation:

  • Be realistic about turnaround time. 4-5 pages a day is a standard for a professional translator. Remember urgent services will cost more.
  • If you are ordering a certified translation an original document or its certified copy will have to be produced in person or by post.
  • We cannot change, omit or correct the content of the original document in the target language.
  • Before requesting a quote for translation of a big document, decide with your client or sales team what parts of the document are actually required.
  • No one will read your texts more carefully than a translator. We might ask for clarifications.
  • Text might expand or constrict when translated into a foreign language.

Things to consider when booking an interpreter:

  • Our interpreters are quite in demand, so please book early.
  • They work standard office hours (9am−5pm, Monday to Friday, with a lunch break). If you need an interpreter outside these hours, an overtime rate will be applied.
  • For conference interpreting due to intensive nature of this work, you will need to book at least two interpreters and provide all relevant materials in advance.
  • Bear in mind additional expenses that can be incurred by interpreters during the course of their assignment, such as travel, meals and accommodation.
  • A cancellation will be applied if you cancel your order after an interpreter or interpreting equipment has been booked.